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Discussion about the end of the world started in late 80s and people are used to hear such discussions. Some of the spiritual organizations have also supported the argument from time to time!!! They said 2000 AD was the end of the world. But nothing happened. A pandemic crash of computers was suspected due to [...]


LESSON 3-M Twelfth house is called Vyaya bhava, which means expenditure. 12th house also displays losses, hospitals, monasteries, ashrams, long journeys, foreign visits, pilgrimage, prisons, solitude, loneliness, decay of body due to chronic diseases, sexual pleasures, imprisonment, charity, Moksha (salvation). Twelfth bhava displays the above features basing on the mind-set of the individual and also [...]


LESSON 3-L Eleventh house is called Labha bhava, which indicates income and profits. It also indicates fulfillment, pleasures, gains and accomplishments. It also indicates immediate elder brother or sister and ears. (3rd and 11th houses indicate both the ears). 11th Bhava is to be understood along with other bhavas. If 2nd bhava is connected to [...]


LESSON 3-K Tenth house is one of the most important houses in the horoscope. The life of the individual mainly depends on tenth house. It indicates one’s job, business or profession. The individual spends almost more than half of his life to earn money through job or profession to eke out his livelihood and maintain [...]


LESSON 3 J Ninth house is called Pitru sthana (father), Bhagya sthana (prosperity and inherited properties), Dharma sthana (righteousness) and Poorva punya sthana (previous birth). Besides these important things, distant travels, foreign tours, higher education (graduation and above), retirement, resignation, loosing job etc (because 12th from 10th house, which indicates occupation), mother’s illness (6th from [...]


LESSON 3-I Eighth bhava gives information about longevity, which was discussed in earlier article. Apart from longevity, eighth house indicates suddenness. Things which happen all of a sudden without any notice may be seen from eighth house. Among these things, there are positive things like wealth through lottery, inheritance, speculation of shares, Insurance etc are [...]

Understand Your Life Partner Through Horoscope

LESSON 3-H Seventh house from the ascendant gives information about the marriage, married life, spouse of the individual. It also indicates second child. When a person is dealing with business as his occupation, 7th house indicates his business partners. 7th house also indicates long journeys and foreign trips. While discussing the longevity in Lesson 3-A, [...]


LESSON 3-G Sixth house mainly indicates diseases. It also indicates loans, divorce, split in marriage, marital disharmony, enemies, conflicts (wars in olden days), service (only rendering service under an employer and not business or profession. Nowadays we can consider any job drawing salary from the employer under this category) and competitive examinations. In fact, with [...]

Know your children through horoscope

LESSON 3 F Fifth house basically speaks about offspring, precisely about 1st child. Fifth house can be treated as hypothetical ascendant of 1st child. It also gives information about the way of thinking of the individual, fame, creativity, speculation, intelligence etc. It is also called mantra sthana. 5th house also indicates the prospects of the [...]

When to Buy a House or Car – Know from 4th house

LESSON 3-E Fourth house from the ascendant in the horoscope tells us about several things among which priority is given to mother. The fourth house from the ascendant is the hypothetical ascendant of mother of the individual. If mother’s horoscope of the individual is not available, facts about mother can be known from the fourth [...]

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