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LESSON 1-E CHARACTERISTICS OF PLANETS Sun: a) Kshatriya b) Satwa guna c) Masculine d) King of all Planets e) Indicates East Moon: a) Vysya b) Satwa guna c) Feminine d) Queen of planets e) Indicates North West Mars: a) Kshatriya b) Tamo guna c) Masculine d) Chief of Army e) Indicates South Mercury: a) Vysya [...]


LESSON 1-D Now we try to understand the characteristics of zodiac signs. The names given in brackets are Sanskrit names. At (g) the caste of the sign is indicated. How it is helpful in giving predictions will be narrated in future lessons. 1. Aeries (Mesha): a) Head of Kalapurusha* b) Cruel sign c) nocturnal strength [...]


LESSON 1-C In Vedic Astrology, the periods of planets are very important. Sage Parasara introduced the cycle of 120 years of planetary period, which is called Vimsottari Dasa System. The horoscope shows the planetary position at the time of birth of the Child and with the help of the planetary position; we can understand the [...]

AYANAMSA – Precision of equinoxes

Ayanamsa is the Sanskrit term. Precision of equinoxes is the most popular translation to this word. It is defined as the angle by which the sidereal ecliptic of a celestial body is less than its tropical ecliptic longitude. The sidereal ecliptic longitude of a celestial body is its longitude on the ecliptic defined with respect [...]

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