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Know your children through horoscope

LESSON 3 F Fifth house basically speaks about offspring, precisely about 1st child. Fifth house can be treated as hypothetical ascendant of 1st child. It also gives information about the way of thinking of the individual, fame, creativity, speculation, intelligence etc. It is also called mantra sthana. 5th house also indicates the prospects of the [...]

When to Buy a House or Car – Know from 4th house

LESSON 3-E Fourth house from the ascendant in the horoscope tells us about several things among which priority is given to mother. The fourth house from the ascendant is the hypothetical ascendant of mother of the individual. If mother’s horoscope of the individual is not available, facts about mother can be known from the fourth [...]


LESSON 3-D We know that the 3rd bhava gives information about longevity and the topic was already discussed in the previous articles. Besides longevity, the most important of 3rd house is brothers / sisters. In general, we say that by watching at 3rd house, we can get information about brothers and sisters. But in practice, [...]


LESSON 3-C After examining longevity, we have to look at other bhavas. We can go in clock-wise direction to 2nd bhava. Apart from death, 2nd bhava gives information about one’s finance, eyes and speech. Nowadays, financial status is a fortune to everybody. Having a good earning, own house, a car, jewellery and bank balance are [...]


LESSON 3-B As stated in Lesson 3-A, after examining the longevity of the native of horoscope, the next important point to be examined is ascendant (Lagna). The ascendant is the most important sensitive point in the horoscope and with the help of the ascendant; we can foresee the incidents that may likely occur in the [...]

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