In Vedic Astrology, the periods of planets are very important. Sage Parasara introduced the cycle of 120 years of planetary period, which is called Vimsottari Dasa System. The horoscope shows the planetary position at the time of birth of the Child and with the help of the planetary position; we can understand the incidents that are likely to occur in the child’s life. The planetary periods show, when the incidents occur i.e. timing of incidents. The 27 constellations (also called asterisms, lunar mansions etc;) and their relationship with the planets and the duration of periods of planets are shown in the following format. It is very essential for the aspirants who want to learn basics of vedic astrology, to keep the following table in mind.
27 constellations Planet connected Period of Dasa
1) Aswini 10) Makha 19) Moola Ketu 7 Years
2) Bharani 11) Pubba 20) Poorvashada Venus 20 Years
3) Krittika 12) Uttara 21) Uttarashada Sun 6 Years
4) Rohini 13) Hasta 22) Sravanam Moon 10 years
5) Mrigasira 14) Chitta 23) Dhanishta Mars 7 years
6) Arudra 15) Swathi 24) Satabhisham Rahu 18 years
7) Punarvasu 16) Visakha 25) Poorvabhadra Jupiter 16 years
8) Pushami 17) Anuradha 26) Uttarabhadra Saturn 19 years
9) Aslesha 18) Jyeshta 27) Revathi Mercury 17 years
The birth star of the child is determined with the help of the position of the Moon. If the Moon is positioned in Bharani, the birth star of the child is Bharani and the dasa (main period) of Venus starts in its life and the remaining planetary periods continue in the series i.e. Sun, Moon and so on. For those, who born in Pubba and Poorvashada also, the Venus main period starts in life. The span of each constellation in zodiac wheel is 13 degrees 20 minutes. Depending on the longitude of the Moon, the balance period of the 1st Dasa in child’s life is calculated. Calculations will be explained in future lessons.

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