Astrology is divine science, but unfortunately not accepted by a sect of people by comparing with other branches of science like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. Sruthi astrology blog is willing to work as a platform to spread awareness in astrology and also at the same time makes it clear that no discipline is absolutely perfect. Efficiency of Human beings is very limited when compared to efficiency levels of Nature and Divinity.


Hence, some times prediction’s made on any topic may go wrong and hence we appeal that it is not to be considered as a substitute for professional advice received from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, doctor, etc. Sruthi astrology provide no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind, and will not be responsible for any interpretation made or use by the user of the information and data mentioned in the blog.


Vedic Astrology being practiced in India for the last 10,000 years is strongly connected and based on Karma Siddantha (Theory of Karma) and science of astrology could be best understood when studied along with Indian philosophy. The results in the lives of human beings are not given by planets, but our karma.


The planets indicate how the individual performed his / her karma in the previous birth and when and how proportionate result is to be rendered to the individual. Astrology can only try to indicate the future to certain extent and one’s Karma alone decides the destiny of oneself. Predictions are not charged and will be provided free of cost on this blog.

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