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Astrology, believe it or not, a divine science. The horoscope is a review, appraisal or evaluation of the PAST. A guide to the PRESENT. A key to the FUTURE. The aim of Sruthi Astrology is not to make you simply believe the Astrology. A series of horoscopes of persons living or dead will be put before you with discussions on the incidents happened in their lives correlating with the planetary positions and timing of incidents with the help of Vimsottari Dasa system. Of course, the first important question in astrology is why predictions are going wrong? We have so many factors and reasons. One of the important reasons; we should agree that we are not able to decode the encrypted divine messages sent from the heavens through stars, planets and zodiac signs. Our knowledge is not sufficient to break the divine codes. But still effort on our part to decode them is very important. The second reason; we lack philosophical approach. The planets, stars and heavenly bodies do not give results in our life. It is our karma (deeds or activities performed by us) that decides our destiny, good or bad.
Very soon, Sruthi Astrology presents a treasure of varied horoscopes with brief analysis mostly to help learners and amateur astrologers particularly through Vedic methods and Krishna Murthy system*. The analyses of horoscopes will help them to sharpen their knowledge in predictions.
Amateur astrologers and learners may also discuss horoscopes available with them. Viewers may seek clarifications on any doubts and they will be answered in a lucid manner.
It is not out of place to mention here that so many people do not believe astrology. Those who do not believe in astrology try to prove it a humbug. They can give details of their pets as if they are humans. Or they do not hesitate to give details of the dead without revealing the facts. In this context, Sruthi Astrology wants to clarify that astrology is not like other professions. The most difficult part in astrology is predictions. An astrologer has to decode the encryptions of planets, stars and other objects in the horoscope. Millions and millions of combinations are present in the small chart. Each planet, each house, each constellation indicate hundreds of functions, which cannot be analyzed to its fullest extent within the time constraints available to the astrologers. The rate of failures in analyzing horoscopes is rather more in astrology. Hence, Sruthi Astrology appeals to one and all to avoid such things and try to utilize the benefits of astrology.
Very soon, Sruthi Astrology presents a treasure of horoscopes with brief analysis. Good luck.

*An augmentation to Vedic system, which suits perfectly the needs of present day. The star-lord, sub-lord and sub-sub-lords play very prominent role in Krishna Murthy system. But the aim of Sruthi Astrology is to help learners and amateur astrologers. It would be difficult to understand the levels of sub-lords and beyond. Further, utmost care should be taken in fixing of ascendants and to explain results with reference to sub-lords. Correction of birth time is very essential while following Krishnamurthy system. Hence, all the horoscopes are discussed only to the level of Star-lord particularly keeping in view the learners.

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