Karakatwa of planets is an important chapter to remember in astrology. Here it is not out of place to mention the following point. It was mentioned in Lesson 1-G that the planets own certain signs. These are also called lordships of the planets. These lordships change basing on the ascendant. For example, if the native is born in Gemini, the lord of ascendant is Mercury, lord of 2nd house, Moon, 3rd house, Sun and so on. If the birth ascendant happens to be Cancer, Sun becomes lord of 2nd house and so on. But Karakatwas (significations) of planets won’t change. They are universal and remain same in all horoscopes. The following are significations of planets.
1. Sun – Atma (Soul), Father, Kingdom (nowadays political) Power, Yagna, Gold, Horse, Fire, Valour, Courage, Wisdom.
2. Moon – Manas (Mind), Mother, Clothes, Water, Comforts, Beauty.
3. Mars – Brothers / Sisters, Strength, Adventure, War, Lands, Agriculture
4. Mercury – Intellect, Business, Script, Mathematics, Poetry, Astrology, Education.
5. Jupiter – Children (offspring), Mantra, Vedas, Devotion (also temples and religious places) Religion, Fame, Respect, Scholar, Dharma (Righteousness), Finance, (nowadays, Banking and other related sectors also), Judiciary.
6. Venus – Marriage, Spouse, Vehicles, Family, Pleasures, Music and other related fields, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Lust.
7. Saturn – Karma*, Longevity (On the other hand, Death), Servants, Bondage, Addictions, Theft, Sorrows.
8. Rahu – Gnana (wisdom), Distant places (nowadays foreign visits in positive angle), Detachment, Troubles, Languages (other than mother tongue).
9. Ketu – Moksha (Ultimate Liberation), Miserliness, Disputes, Begging, Mantra Shastra (Science of secret hymns)
When horoscopes are examined, primarily, it is very important to examine the ascendant and influence of planets on the ascendant and then go to other bhavas. (Please refer Lesson 1 A, where 12 bhavas are explained). While giving predictions, it is equally important to note the influence of significators. For example, in respect of marriage, we have to examine mainly 1st and 7th houses. Along with 7th house, 2nd house, which indicates family and also 11th house (fulfillment) should also be examined. At the same time, significator of marriage i.e. Venus should also be examined. The position of Venus, the strength of Venus, and influence of other planets on Venus are to be taken into consideration. In several cases, where Venus is debilitated in Virgo, individuals experience troubles like remaining unmarried, late marriage, divorce, death of life partner etc. Besides all this, arudha point (will be explained elaborately in some other chapter) is also to be taken into consideration. Similarly, when certain points relating to mother of the native are to be examined, we should see the position, strength of the Moon (signification for mother) along with 4th house from the ascendant.
Examination of significator gives elaborate and important information about the native of the horoscope and helps astrologer to arrive at accurate predictions. Astrologer should always try to examine as many combinations as possible in the horoscopes in all angles to arrive at the conclusions.
*Karma in this context can be understood as certain duties to be performed by individuals. As human beings, we are supposed to perform certain rituals and social duties. If these duties are not performed, Saturn forces individuals to perform these duties. At appropriate time, he passes on rewards or punishments as the case may be to the individuals. In general, Karma can also be interpreted as the occupation / job as the case may be.

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  1. sharuti says:

    respected sir,

    i like this page on significators.
    add some more on “Karma”.
    pls. help me to know about :- which yoga is consider to analysing twin babies?

    one more question from munane:- how we can draw a chart showing the places thereon:—baroda,delhi,iraq,albania,france,washington,sri lanka, berlin, philadelphia, chennai.

    with regards,

    • admin says:

      Dear Puneetji, We know that with regard to having children, we see 5th house for 1st child, 7th for 2nd child and so on. If these houses are strongly connected to duel signs i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces or the lords of those houses strongly develop a bond with duel signs, then we can expect twins. No specific name of yoga was mentioned in ancient texts for having twins. Only planetary combinations as stated above and several other combinations yield twins. In analyzing twins’ horoscopes, sub lord system mentioned in Krishna Murthy system of astrology yields more accurate results. Regarding mundane astrology, we feel that your question pertains to fixing of ascendant for Baroda, Delhi etc. In Mundane astrology in ancient texts, ascendants are fixed for the entire country and not for cities. For India, Capricorn ascendant is fixed. This ascendant also works for some other countries in Indian subcontinent like Pakistan,Nepal etc. Thank you for interacting on the subject. Good luck. Sruthi Astrology.

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