The objective of this column is to explain the basics of astrology to the aspirants who want to learn astrology. The aspirants should be very thorough with the basics in astrology and they should in the first instance get them by heart and try to remember. Without familiarity in basics, it would be very difficult to record progress in this field. One of the toughest jobs in astrology is predictions. This site is also trying to teach the easiest methods in predictions under the column horoscopes. The aspirants may follow the same from time to time. However, before going into predictions, once again they are requested to get familiar with the basics.
Astrology consist 9 planets, 27 constellations, 12 zodiac signs and 12 bhavas. That’s all.
Nine Planets and their corresponding names in Vedic astrology:
1) Sun - Surya, Ravi
2) Moon - Chandra
3) Mars - Kuja, Angaraka
4) Mercury - Budha
5) Jupiter - Guru, Brihaspathi
6) Venus - Sukra
7) Saturn - Shani
8) Dragon Head - Rahu
9) Dragon Tail - Ketu (Rahu and Ketu are also called nodes).
27 Constellations
1) Aswini 10) Makha 19) Moola
2) Bharani 11) Pubba (Purva phalguni) 20) Poorvashada
3) Krittika 12) Uttara (Uttara phalguni) 21) Uttarashada
4) Rohini 13) Hasta 22) Sravanam
5) Mrigasira 14) Chitta 23) Dhanishta
6) Arudra 15) Swathi 24) Satabhisham
7) Punarvasu 16) Visakha 25) Poorvabhadra
8) Pushami 17) Anuradha 26) Uttarabhadra
9) Aslesha 18) Jyeshta 27) Revathi
Note: It is very important to remember this pattern. Students may get doubt, why the names of the constellations are given in three columns. These 27 constellations or stars or Nakshatras we say in Vedic astrology corresponds with the nine planets. In the coming lessons, it can be understood easily.
12 Zodiac Signs and corresponding Vedic names
1. Aeries - Mesha
2. Taurus - Vrishabha
3. Gemini - Mithuna
4. Cancer - Karkataka
5. Leo - Simha
6. Virgo - Kanya
7. Libra - Thula
8. Scorpio - Vrischika
9. Sagittarius- Dhanus or Dhanush
10. Capricorn - Makara
11. Aquarius - Kumbha
12. Pisces - Meena

12 Bhavas and corresponding english names.
1. Lagna (Ascendant), Tanu Bhava (Physique, Color of the skin, appearance etc). Also Wisdom, fame etc.
2. Dwiteeya Bhava Dhana Bhava, (Money) Kutumba (Family). Also speech, eyes, anger, death.
3. Triteeya Bhava Bhatru (Brothers / Sisters), Vikrama (Valour). Also longevity.
4. Chaturdha Bhava Matru sthana (Mother), Vidya Sthana (Primary education) and Vahana Sthana (Vehicles). Also houses, lands and other immovable properties
5. Panchama Bhava Putra sthana (Children, offspring), Buddi (wisdom). Also Mantra (hymns)
6. Shashtama Bhava Satru sthana (enemies) Roga (diseases), Runa (loans), also nowadays rendering services and competitive exams.
7. Saptama Bhava Kalatra (marriage, life partner)
8. Ashtama Bhava Ayurdhayam (longevity) For females, vydhavya sthana (death of husband)
9. Navama Bhava Bhagya sthana, (luck, properties etc) Dharma sthana (righteousness) Pitru sthana (Father) nowadays, distant travels, foreign tours, higher education, retirement from job etc.
10. Dasama Bhava Rajya sthana and Karma Sthana (Job, Profession, Business relating to eking of livelihood)
11. Ekadasa Bhava, Labha sthana (fulfillment)
12. Dwadasa Bhava, Vyaya Sthana (expenditure, decay of body, loneliness, imprisonment etc.)

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    which planets in the zodiac are significators of the corresponding bhawas?

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