After examining longevity, we have to look at other bhavas. We can go in clock-wise direction to 2nd bhava. Apart from death, 2nd bhava gives information about one’s finance, eyes and speech.
Nowadays, financial status is a fortune to everybody. Having a good earning, own house, a car, jewellery and bank balance are criteria to see financial status. Along with 2nd house, it is necessary to see 9th house, which is bhagya bhava and indicates fortune. 11th house is direct earning or fulfillment. If 9th house is powerful, since it is bhagya bhava, it indicates earning through hereditary and also immovable properties. If there is strong connection between 2nd and 9th houses, we can derive that the individual could have properties through hereditary. If 2nd 6th and 10th houses are connected powerfully, his income would be through job, profession or business and it would be his own earning. 11th house mainly indicate fulfillment and in the sub periods of planets connected with 11th house, he can get income. In other words, whenever sub periods of planets connected with 11th house operates, he can get earnings, like arrears from his employer, income through promotions, gifts from relatives etc.
If these houses happen to be movable signs, the individual will invest more in movable properties and in fixed signs, he can go for immovable properties.
Second aspect with regard to 2nd house is eye. 2nd and 12th houses indicate sight. If malefic planets have influence on 2nd and 12th houses, the individual can have defect in eye sight. Along with 2nd and 12th houses, if luminaries, Sun and Moon are afflicted, the native can become blind. This combination becomes more vulnerable when Sun or Moon is eclipsed. Any connection, with 6th, 8th or 12th houses also indicate these problems. If connected with Mars, surgery may take place.
If 2nd hose is connected with Jupiter, the native can speak pleasingly and obligingly and able to convince others. If Mercury is connected, it develops tactful speaking. If Sun or Mars connected, the native would like to speak in a straight forward manner. If Venus is connected, one can speak pleasingly, but more or less in a self centered manner. If waxing Moon is connected, the native can speak in a pleasing manner. If Saturn or Rahu or Ketu is connected, there can be defects in speech, like stammering, bluntness etc. If connected with 6th, 8th or 12th houses, we can suspect dumbness.
These are a very few combinations and innumerable other combinations also exist.

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