We know that the 3rd bhava gives information about longevity and the topic was already discussed in the previous articles. Besides longevity, the most important of 3rd house is brothers / sisters. In general, we say that by watching at 3rd house, we can get information about brothers and sisters. But in practice, 3rd house indicate immediate younger brother or sister. If the native of the horoscope is eldest among children in the family, 1st younger brother or sister is indicated by 3rd house, 2nd from 5th house, 3rd from 7th house and so on. If there are elder brothers or sisters to the native, we have to see the same in anti-clockwise direction i.e. immediate elder brother or sister is indicated by 11th house and still elders to be seen from 9th house and so on. It is also necessary to examine the chart of Drekkana to acquire information about brothers and sisters.
When we examine the horoscopes of brothers and sisters, it can be noticed that there will be a link between the third house of elder child and the ascendant or moon sign of his/her sibling. This may be direct or indirect. It means, sometimes, the birth ascendant or moon sign of the younger brother / sister perfectly and directly coincides with the 3rd house of his/her elder brother/sister as the case may be. In some cases, the ascendant or moon sign falls in the trines to the 3rd house. In a very few cases, it may fall in the adjacent houses to the trines also. (There is some reason for this and this point will be discussed later).
The following example makes it clear. The reason for choosing the following example is because we find a surprising factor in the horoscopes.
A girl is born on 28.06.1989 at 2026 hours at Longitude 80.8 E and Latitude 16.56 N. The ascendant is Capricorn and birth star is Aswini 4th quarter. Thus her moon sign is Aeries as per nirayana longitude. Her younger brother (only brother) is born on 28.04.1991 at 2026 hours at same place with same longitude and latitude. His birth ascendant is Scorpio, birth star is Swathi 2nd quarter and thus his Moon sign is Libra.
In the above horoscopes, the date of birth is same and time is also same and of course, place of birth is also same. However, the gap between two siblings is about 22 months. Now let us see the comparison between two siblings.
The girl (elder) is born in Capricorn ascendant and third sign from Capricorn is Pisces. Her brother is born in Scorpio ascendant and how the relationship between these two horoscopes can be established?
The birth ascendant of the brother is Scorpio and it is in perfect trine to Pisces, which is the 3rd house in sister’s horoscope. Let us see this in other way. From the horoscope of boy, 11th house indicates elder sister. His 11th house is Virgo and the birth ascendant of sister is Capricorn and it is perfectly in trine with Virgo.
Some other similar patterns can also be seen in the horoscopes of siblings. In this example, Jupiter is placed in 5th house and Venus in 7th in both the horoscopes. These two combinations are not accidental and so many secrets of their previous birth can be revealed from these combinations. This point will be discussed later.
In a few cases, the 3rd sign of the native or its trine might be the Moon sign of the sibling. These combinations in a similar way can be read from Moon sign also in a few cases.
If malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are placed in 3rd house, it may weaken and tends to give unfortunate results in the fields, which are covered by 3rd house.
Apart from brothers and sisters, 3rd house indicates short journeys. If the third sign from the ascendant happens to be movable sign, or any fast moving planet like Sun (travel on account of job, profession etc), Moon (comfortable journeys), Venus (pleasure trips) or Mercury (business trips) are placed, the individual tends to make frequent journeys. If Jupiter is placed, he may go for pilgrimages frequently. If Mars is placed, the native displays courage and boldness.
Basing on the above planetary position in the 3rd house, we can arrive at some conclusions about the personality of immediate younger brother or sister as the case may be as stated on the above lines.
This particular house will not indicate long journeys or foreign travels as they are indicated by 7th, 9th and 12th house.
Other areas covered by third house are courage, communications, meetings, research, ear, arms and shoulders (in a broad way, we can see many fine arts done by hands like painting, sculpture, writing skills and even sports like boxing, tennis, shuttle, cricket, batting etc can also be considered).
The above analysis is made keeping in view the requirements of amateur astrologers. Several cases studies will also be discussed in due course.

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