Tenth house is one of the most important houses in the horoscope. The life of the individual mainly depends on tenth house. It indicates one’s job, business or profession. The individual spends almost more than half of his life to earn money through job or profession to eke out his livelihood and maintain his family. In ancient days, there were a very few occupations like agriculture, sculpture, teaching, jobs in king’s court (nowadays interpreted as Government jobs), doctor, astrologer etc.
Besides professions, tenth house also indicates death of mother and father. (7th from 4th house and 2nd from 9th house).
Nowadays, there are innumerable fields, where jobs are abundantly made available. Thousands of sectors have cropped up to provide jobs. In fact, it is practically becoming very difficult to fix the job or profession of the individual by looking at the horoscope.
In spite of these difficulties, some basic guidance is available in old and latest texts. Eminent astrologers are also taking responsibility to find out modern professions by exploring the horoscopes of the individuals involved in various modern sectors. Here are some important tips to amateur astrologers to help them to find out in which profession or job or business, the native of the horoscope is involved.
Though 10th house indicates job or profession, some other combinations are also required to be studied in horoscopes. If we are able to study 2nd house and 6th house also along with 10th house, we can predict results more accurately. It is also very important to see that in which navamsa, the lord of tenth house or planet positioned in 10th house is placed. Amateur astrologers should note that examination of arudha is also equally important to know one’s profession. Some professions are indicated by combination of two planets in the horoscope.
Apart from examining 10th house from ascendant, sometimes, 10th house from Moon also give some information about the professions.
At first, we shall see the zodiac signs and planets indicating professions. Here we have to remember that each planet has more than 500 functions. In all the fields, each planet will be controlling certain things. If we take agriculture, Mars indicates red gram and related crops and Sun indicates wheat. If the individual happens to be an agriculturist and his tenth house is controlled by Sun, he uses to raise the wheat as primary crop in his field. Similarly, if we take precious stones, diamonds are indicated by Venus and Ruby is indicated by Sun. If the individual happens to be a businessman dealing with precious stones and if his 10th house is controlled by Sun, he may be dealing with rubies.
When we take medical field, Sun indicated general physician and cardiology, Saturn indicates dermatology and orthopedics, Mercury indicates pediatrics and neurology and Venus indicates Gynecology. All these factors are to be taken into consideration while giving information about profession.
The following zodiac signs indicate the professions as shown against each.
Aeries (Mesha) – Defense, Police, Surgeons, Doctors, Drivers, Killers, Criminals.
Taurus (Vrishabha) – Agriculture, Stationery jobs, Arts, Banks, Finance, Musicians, Actors, Real Estates, Lands, Dairy Products.
Gemini (Mithuna) – Book Keeping, Publishing, Typing, Accounting, Mathematics, Communications, Photography, Xerox, Arbitrators, Brokers,
Cancer (Karkataka) – Water Products, Dairy Products, Fisheries, Agriculture, Irrigation.
Leo (Simha) – Politics, Government Officers, Physicians, Shares, Speculation, Gold trade, Forest Officers, Zoologists, Mountaineering.
Virgo (Kanya) – Public health, Textiles, Accounts, Audit, Engineering, Ports, Census.
Libra (Thula) – Lawyers, Partnerships, Artists, Story writers, Theatre arts, Music, Cinema, Sales persons, Architects.
Scorpio (Vrischika) – Insurance, Detectives, Beverages, Technology, Machinery, Boilers, Dams, Water Projects, Surgeons, Real Estates,.
Sagittarius (Dhanus) – Teachers, Priests, Lawyers, Judges, Prophets, Religious Heads
Capricorn (Makara) – Service, Labor, Agriculture, Oil trade, Mines, Minerals, Underground crops, Petroleum, Lubricants.
Aquarius (Kumbha) – Aeronautics, Astronomy, Wireless electronics, Secret services.
Pisces (Meena) – Navy, Oceanography, off-shore explorations, Shipping, Harbors, Aquariums, Submarines, Marine Engineering, Overseas trade.
The planets indicate professions as follows.
Sun – All Government and Public sector jobs, Politicians, Physicians, Medicines, Wheat, Gold, Copper, Ruby.
Moon – Travelling sector, Sailors, Irrigation, Water works, Marine products, Fisheries, Dairy products, Rice, Silver, Pearls.
Mars – Surgery, Agriculture, Real estate, Weapon dealers, Armory, Police, Defense, Lawyers, Mechanics, Automobiles, Boilers, Explosives, Red grams, Iron and Steel, Corals.
Mercury – Astrology, Mathematics, Literature, Accounts, Authors, Insurance, Railways, Communications, Media, Journalism, Agents, Publishers, General trading, Green vegetables, Mercury, Emerald.
Jupiter – Priests, Teachers, Professors, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, Financial experts, Pundits, Philosophers, Prophets, Advisors, Ayurveda and Age old treatment methods, Gold, Yellow Sapphire.
Venus – Arts, Music, Literature, Perfumes, Silk, Confectionaries, Jewels, Vehicles, Cinema, Diamonds.
Saturn – Mining, Labour, Servants, Oils, Underground crops, Roots, Freezers, Coolers, Ice Products, Coal, Leather, Animal skins, Slaughter houses, Lead, Blue Sapphire.
Rahu – Poisons, Photography, Xerox, Homeopathy.
Ketu – Sectors that are controlled by Mars.
It is to be noted that the constellations pass cosmic energy through the planets and the said constellations give respective results through the connected planets. While giving predictions, it is very difficult to predict accurately in which profession, the individual is involved, even though after taking into consideration the above combinations. Hence, before going into professions more particularly, today’s modern sectors, amateur astrologers can ask the individuals to indicate their profession, in which there are involved and give predictions. There is nothing wrong in taking this information from the individuals.
It is also to be noted that more logic is required to correlate the things told by the individuals about their professions.
For example, if Sun is connected to 10th house, the individual may become a politician or government employee or a doctor. If Saturn is also connected to 10th house along with Sun, we must take one point into consideration. Sun and Saturn are quite opponent planets. Sun’s exalted house is deep debilitation to Saturn and Vice Versa. By keeping this point in view, if 10th house falls in Aeries and Sun is in close conjunction with Saturn, we have to see the options as follows. Sun and Saturn in Aeries produce physicians. But because of debilitated Saturn, Sun may lose his power and produce only a nursing assistant to a doctor or a rural medical practitioner with low profile or an attendant in Government department. If Sun and Saturn are positioned in Aeries and Libra respectively, both are exalted and this combination may produce an orthopedic specialist. Because Sun indicates physician and Saturn indicates bones.
In another example, if Saturn is positioned in Pisces, we can try to see the combination as follows. Saturn indicates Oil and Pisces indicates ocean. Hence, the individual may be involved in oil exploration. These combinations are possible not only when two planets are in direct conjunction but also conjunction through aspect.
These are only examples and predictions are to be given more logically.

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