Understand Your Life Partner Through Horoscope

Seventh house from the ascendant gives information about the marriage, married life, spouse of the individual. It also indicates second child. When a person is dealing with business as his occupation, 7th house indicates his business partners. 7th house also indicates long journeys and foreign trips.
While discussing the longevity in Lesson 3-A, it was stated that the 7th house indicates death of the individual. So this aspect is not being discussed here separately.
The following are some of the tips about 7th house.
First of all, when an astrologer begins to examine 7th house, he will try to find out the details of the spouse of the individual from it. 7th house plays a vital role in finding details of spouse. In any horoscope, 7th house either from Lagna or Moon sign should coincide either with lagna or moon sign of the life partner. Sometimes, the constellation in which the significator of marriage i.e. Venus is positioned, the same constellation coincides with the birth star of life partner. In some cases, daara-arudha represent life partner.
Where lagna kundali of life partner is not available, navamsha chart of the individual can be examined to know the details of life partner. Navamsha chart can be treated as lagna kundali of life partner for all purposes by correlating the planetary position with the vimshottari dasa tables.
In Indian system of astrology, there is a practice of comparing the charts of boy and girl to decide marital harmony before the marriage. There are certain aspects which will be examined during the matching of charts. These details are given below.
In any matching chart, the total points are 36. Out of 36, the matching chart should give at least 18 points to consider marriage of boy and girl. In case, the points are less than 18, marriage between the boy and girl is not recommended. If the points are between 18 and 24, the match will be moderate and if it is more than 24, the match can be considered as excellent. Besides these points, there are several other points need to be considered for good relationship and harmony between the boy and girl after marriage.
A separate article will be published on matching shortly for the guidance of the readers.
In general, position of Mars in 7th house in any horoscope is treated as Kuja dosha or Manglik dosha in Vedic astrology. In such cases, the results are delayed marriage or separation by divorce or death of life partner, however with some exceptions. If Mars is positioned in 7th house in both the horoscopes, Manglik dosha is said to be neutralized and marriage is recommended in such case.
In several cases, Sruthi astrology observed that the individual having Mars in his 7th house, if married to a partner whose lagna, or birth sign or birth star is ruled by Mars, Manglik dosha is mitigated.
If Rahu, is positioned in 7th house, there are possibilities for the individual to get married to a partner from other caste or religion. It may also indicate that life partner is hailed from a distant place or other country.
If Venus is positioned in 7th house, some say, it damages married life. Of course, this may be correct to certain extent because of the principle of “Karako Bhava Naasaya” which means the significator if positioned in the related bhava, he damages the said bhava.
Sruthi Astrology observed in certain cases, where Venus is positioned in 7th house and such house being Aeries, Leo or Sagittarius, the ill effects of the principle of “Karako Bhava Naasaya” are being diluted. The reason is, perhaps, Venus is having lordship over the constellations of Bharani, Pubba and Poorvashada, which are positioned in the above three zodiac signs respectively.
It is also observed when Venus is positioned in 6th or 8th house from Lagna either in boy’s or girl’s horoscope, their married life is getting disturbed.
If the lord of 7th house or significator, i.e. Venus is positioned in duel sign (except in Pisces, which is his exalted sign), there are possibilities for disturbance in married life. More particularly, when Venus is positioned in Virgo, which is his deeply debilitated house, astrologers should examine the married life of the individuals more keenly to avoid problems in married life. Position of Venus in Sagittarius, however, is also an exception in this case for the reasons already discussed in preceding paragraphs.
Position of Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Waxing Moon in 7th house normally indicate that the individual will have a life partner with good intelligent and bright qualities.
Position of Saturn gives digbalam (directional strength) and fetches a hard working individual as life partner.
During the period of planet positioned in 7th house or lord of 7th house, one may get opportunity to visit foreign countries or distant places.
With regard to business partners, if malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn are positioned in 7th house, the individual should be very careful in choosing his partners in business.
With regard to second child, either the ascendant or moon sign of second child coincides with 7th house or trines to 7th house in parents’ charts.

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