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LESSON 3-D We know that the 3rd bhava gives information about longevity and the topic was already discussed in the previous articles. Besides longevity, the most important of 3rd house is brothers / sisters. In general, we say that by watching at 3rd house, we can get information about brothers and sisters. But in practice, [...]


LESSON 3-C After examining longevity, we have to look at other bhavas. We can go in clock-wise direction to 2nd bhava. Apart from death, 2nd bhava gives information about one’s finance, eyes and speech. Nowadays, financial status is a fortune to everybody. Having a good earning, own house, a car, jewellery and bank balance are [...]


LESSON 3-B As stated in Lesson 3-A, after examining the longevity of the native of horoscope, the next important point to be examined is ascendant (Lagna). The ascendant is the most important sensitive point in the horoscope and with the help of the ascendant; we can foresee the incidents that may likely occur in the [...]


Lesson 3 A BHAVAS IN ZODIAC – LONGEVITY In lesson 1A, while explaining basics of astrology, twelve bhavas in the zodiac were narrated. It is very essential to look at various combinations of planets in the horoscope to arrive at conclusions. The foremost and very important point to be examined as soon as we take [...]


LESSON 2 B After going through Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas, let us have a look at other yogas. As already told, about 1800 such yogas were mentioned under the caption Nabhasa Yogas. When two planets are positioned in the same house or angular houses, viz. 1,4,7 and 10 houses, the planets influence each other and [...]


LESSON 2 A PANCHA MAHA PURUSHA YOGAS Yoga. In today’s world, this word became most popular and it is used in the sense of performing various physical postures and breathing exercises for keeping good health. But in astrology, yoga means combination. Combination of Planets. Two or more planets should be in same house or angular [...]


LESSON 1-O SHADBALAM Shad in the above term indicates six and balam indicates strength. Six types of strengths displayed by planets are described in astrological texts. This topic appears to be lengthy to amateur astrologers and practically even without going deep into this topic; predictions can be given by looking at other combinations. It does [...]


LESSON 1-N TRANSITION OF PLANETS The birth chart or horoscope is nothing but a snap shot of transitory planetary positions at the time of birth of the child. As the planets keep moving, which is called transition, all the transiting planets come into conjunction with natal planets at regular intervals. This phenomenon is called Gocharam [...]


LESSON 1-M BALARISHTAM: Whenever a child is born, to know the past, present and future of the Child, astrologers prepare horoscope of the child and look at the planetary positions and various combinations. The foremost important point to be examined is longevity of the Child. If there is no longevity, the presence of other yogas [...]


LESSON 1- L KARAKATWA (SIGNIFICATION) OF PLANETS Karakatwa of planets is an important chapter to remember in astrology. Here it is not out of place to mention the following point. It was mentioned in Lesson 1-G that the planets own certain signs. These are also called lordships of the planets. These lordships change basing on [...]

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