Attitude, Beliefs, Epistemology, Ideology, Logic, Metaphysics, Outlook, Rationalism, Thinking. The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence. An attitude that guides one’s behavior. Philosophy has so many other definitions. Philosophy can be expressed in many more ways. Sages in ancient India, when there was no literature or scripts, discovered philosophical principles through introspection and deep meditation and passed on to their successors. Gradually, when scripts were discovered, the principles were recorded in writing. Philosophy, instead of teaching as a subject in schools, has been formed an integral part of human stream with restless effort of sages. Philosophy is not just simply praying God and asking for some favors. A glance at the lives of great people like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Zoroaster and many more helps us to understand the principles and essence of philosophy. Sruthi Astrology is very shortly going to share the principles on philosophy in its series of articles, stories and many more.

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