Sun: a) Kshatriya b) Satwa guna c) Masculine d) King of all Planets e) Indicates East
Moon: a) Vysya b) Satwa guna c) Feminine d) Queen of planets e) Indicates North West
Mars: a) Kshatriya b) Tamo guna c) Masculine d) Chief of Army e) Indicates South
Mercury: a) Vysya b) Rajo guna c) Eunuch d) Prince e) Indicates North
Jupiter: a) Brahman b) Satwa guna c) Masculine d) Prime Minister / Guru e) Indicates North-East
Venus: a) Brahman b) Rajo guna c) Feminine d) Minister e) Indicates South East
Saturn: a) Shoodra b) Tamo guna c) Eunuch d) Soldier / Servant e) Indicates West
Rahu: a) Mlecha b) Tamo guna c) Eunuch d) Servant e) Indicates South West
Ketu: a) Not given b) Tamo guna c) Eunuch* d) Servant e) Indicates North East along with

*Practically the nature of Ketu can be treated as masculine and the same will be explained at the time of predictions with reference to several horoscopes.

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