Discussion about the end of the world started in late 80s and people are used to hear such discussions. Some of the spiritual organizations have also supported the argument from time to time!!! They said 2000 AD was the end of the world. But nothing happened. A pandemic crash of computers was suspected due to Y2K problem on 31st December 1999. But it was successfully encountered. Now for the last several years, once again discussions cropped up that the world is going to feel the D-Day on 21st December 2012. Somehow, these concepts helped fiction writers and film makers to entertain the people around the globe with their creativity. Is it really going to happen on 21st of December 2012 or 22nd or 31st December 2012? Is the world is going to disappear in December 2012?
Sruthi Astrology wants to make a brief analysis on this aspect to inculcate some interest in amateurs about the concepts of astrology. To analyze from the outlook of astrology, let us take the help of planetary positions on 1st January 2012 at 00.01 a.m. at Greenwich as per sidereal system and have a look at the following chart. Since the Greenwich is standard place for the entire world, it has been taken into consideration.

A glance at the planetary position really gives a very good impression. From the ascendant in clockwise direction, Saturn is exalted, Sun, Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Mars are in friendly signs and in ascending order (means moving towards their exalted houses). All planets are in direct motion. (we know that nodes always move in retrogression!) Moon and Jupiter though appearing to be in different signs, they are in the same bhava forming Gajakesari Yoga. Mercury however is moving towards its debilitated house (descending). Rahu and Ketu are in debilitations. As per Hindu system of astrology, Saturn indicates longevity, Sun royalty, Venus pleasures, Moon psychic power, Jupiter life and Mars valor.
Out of 9 planets, 6 are in favorable positions. The negative power of other three planets is not sufficient to terminate the Earth which was formed 4.5 billion years ago. Their power is not even sufficient to terminate the life on the Earth at a stroke which is existing for the last 2 billion years. All these qualities indicate only good to the world by and large during the year 2012.
If at all a large devastation is suspected, at least 4 or 5 planets should be in malefic position. The life giver Jupiter, the Saturn who controls the longevity, the Rahu who terminates the life and Ketu who signifies salvation should form a matrix in negative positions like debilitations etc. Right now this combination is slightly found in the chart. Rahu and Ketu are in debilitations and Saturn is forming a link to Rahu in adjacent house with Jupiter in conjunction with Ketu and aspecting Rahu. However, since Saturn is in exalted position in Libra, Saturn won’t allow such large scale devastation. Even when Rahu moves into Libra shortly in January 2013, Rahu comes out from debilitation and moves into its friendly house and continues to be in ascending order for the next nine years roughly until he reaches Taurus. Saturn also takes another 15 years to move into his debilitated place Aeries. Thus combination for large scale devastation is avoided.
It would be appropriate to confine the predictions for one year when we predict the future of the world or any nation.
On 1st January 2013, let us celebrate “A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR” with zeal and enthusiasm throughout the world as usual.


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