Astrology is a divine science and it should be understood in its true spirit. Many people compare astrology with other branches of science like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. The first criticism in astrology is that predictions are partially correct or going wrong. This blog wants to appeal to the public that science is nothing but secrets of nature. As long as it remains secret, we call it myth. When a logical reasoning is given it becomes science. For example, flying in the sky was a myth in 19th century, but it became reality in early 20th century when Right Brothers invented airplane. Cinema, Telephone, Printing machine and all the inventions that exist today were myths prior to their inventions and we call them science today. Atma leaving the body (we call it death) is myth today. But in future, scientists may take photos of Atma coming out of the body. In due course, the inventions were improved from time to time to make them perfect and still this process is going on. Many failures have taken place before invention and also during the course of its improvements. We cannot put a full stop to the inventions and later improvements but go on refining to make it useful to the present needs. It is an endless process. Astrology is also one of the branches of science, where the influence of stars, planets, zodiac signs and other celestial bodies on the earth in general and individual in particular is studied. Human’s failure in this field can be attributed to the vastness of combinations in Astrology. No two horoscopes can be similar even in the cases of twins. No astrologer can become perfect even he examines one lakh horoscopes in his life time. Because the next horoscope cannot be compared with one lakh horoscopes the astrologer had already examined. Moreover, the influences of planets on human life are caused because of karma performed by the man. The position of planets in a horoscope displays the past karmas performed by him in his previous birth and the type of results he is going to get in his life at appropriate time. At the same time, the planets also give the individual some free will to act on his own. The karma of the individual is thus fixed by the activities done by the individual. If it is a good deed, the free will is more and fate is less and vice versa. The line separating the free will and fate can be moved by the individual by his activities this way or that way. Thus astrology can be best understood only when it is combined with Indian philosophy. One more difficulty astrologer faces in giving predictions is that the 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs, 12 bhavas 27 stars and many more combinations in the zodiac wheel represent millions of functions in human life and no astrologer would be perfect in reading them within one or two days time he is given to examine the horoscope. Astrologer can at best examine only hundreds of combinations out of millions in the horoscope. However, it is the responsibility of the astrologer to give suggestions within the purview of his knowledge and experience and guide his client in a righteous path to the extent possible and help him to lead a happy life. It is also pertinent to state that one astrologer may examine thousands of horoscopes during his life time, but he may not be able to secure horoscopes in a particular combination. (For example horoscope of a girl born in Makara lagna with natal Mars in karkataka). At the same time other astrologers may secure a number of horoscopes in the above combination. Therefore, astrologers can transform the science of astrology as a powerful tool to help the society to the maximum extent possible, only when they share the horoscopes among them by discussing with each other. Sai astrology provides a platform to all astrologers community in this regard. To those who want to learn astrology from basic level and refine the knowledge from time to time, Sai astrology provides lessons on astrology. To those who are practicing astrology Sai astrology provide platform to share the knowledge by means of elaborate discussions, comments, exchange of views etc. We finally appeal to the astrologers not to reveal the identity of the persons whose horoscopes are being discussed in the blog, which may sometimes detrimental to their freedom in the society. We also appeal, that it should not be derogatory to the self-respect of fellow astrologers. In this regard, we appeal to the public not to pass adverse comments in any manner. We also appeal while discussing the horoscopes of VIPs and celebrities, astrologers may take care to avoid adverse comments against the personalities. Such types of comments will be forthwith removed from the blog without notice and in future they will be blocked from entering in the blog.

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