Eleventh house is called Labha bhava, which indicates income and profits. It also indicates fulfillment, pleasures, gains and accomplishments. It also indicates immediate elder brother or sister and ears. (3rd and 11th houses indicate both the ears).
11th Bhava is to be understood along with other bhavas. If 2nd bhava is connected to 11th house, it gives personal earnings. If it develops connection with 5th house, the desire to have children will be fulfilled. If it connects with 7th house, marriage takes place. Whenever, it establishes link with 10th house, the individual earn money through his profession. If 2nd 9th and 11th houses are connected, it is an indication of steady growth of income of the individual. If 11th house develops connection with 12th house, the expenditure will also be more. It is to be noted that if 12th house lord is positioned in 11th, the individual may become miser.
If the 11th house is connected with the following planets, the source of income would be as shown against each.
Sun – Through Government or Father or inherited properties.
Moon – Through Mother and Maternal relatives.
Mars – Through Brothers or it may be through Agriculture.
Mercury – Through intelligence or through trade or business.
Jupiter – Through his knowledge and Social Service.
Venus – Through wife, arts, music etc.
Saturn – Through hard work.
Though all the above aspects appear to be earnings or profits, 11th house also displays a negative sense. In respect of movable ascendants, 11th house becomes badhaka sthana, which means the lord of 11th house or planets positioned in 11th house are supposed to make the individual suffer, obviously during their dasa or antardasa periods. This rule applies to Aeries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn ascendants. Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mars are badhakas to the above ascendants respectively.

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