Know your children through horoscope

Fifth house basically speaks about offspring, precisely about 1st child. Fifth house can be treated as hypothetical ascendant of 1st child. It also gives information about the way of thinking of the individual, fame, creativity, speculation, intelligence etc. It is also called mantra sthana. 5th house also indicates the prospects of the individual in his next birth.
While interpreting the results for 5th house, we generally take the first living child of the native of the horoscope. But sometimes it may not give accurate prediction. In some cases, there may be miscarriage, abortion, death of first child soon after birth or still birth. In such cases, we have to understand that 5th house gives information of only miscarriage, abortion, etc of 1st child. The second child, third child etc are indicated by 7th, 9th respectively and so on.
Impact of Sun on 5th house produces an able administrator in Government Service or politics or an expert with creativity in theatre arts. As Atmakaraka, Sun in 5th house promotes introspection. By utilizing this quality, the individual can achieve a high spiritual position.
Influence of Moon on 5th house promotes intuition. It also drives the individual towards comforts.
Mars in 5th house gives intelligence with dynamism. Because, 5th house indicates children, there may be harm to 1st child in the form of abortion, death, caesarian surgery etc.
Impact of Mercury on 5th house promotes business tactics and communication skills. He may be a good author also with creativity. Nowadays, one can become expert in media related sectors.
Impact of Jupiter on 5th house represents intelligence with broad mind, helping nature and optimism. In some school of thought it is stated that Jupiter in 5th house cannot help to get male progeny. This aspect should be read along with the principle of Karako bhava naasaya in astrology. But this principle cannot be applied bluntly in all cases. One thing to be noted is that, if Jupiter is positioned either in ascendant or 5th house or 9th house, by virtue of aspect, he influences all these three houses. The ascendant represents the present birth, 5th house represents future birth and 9th house represents previous birth. Hence, it can be concluded that the individual with Jupiter in any of the above houses is blessed with divine assistance to certain extent continuously in three births, i.e. past, present and future.
Influence of Venus on 5th house promotes somewhat intelligence for self.
Impact of Saturn on 5th house shows lethargic thinking with signs of fear.
Rahu in 5th house sometimes cause problems in getting 1st child like delayed birth, infant death etc. In some cases, the child is given for adoption to some other family. Sometimes, it gives wild thoughts causing harm to others. It may also cause illusions or hallucinations. It is to be noted that the positive quality of Rahu is Gnana Karaka (one who gives wisdom). To get the advantages of this quality from Rahu, one must put some effort to divert his mind on positive thinking and devotion.
Ketu also causes difficulty in giving 1st child. As moksha karaka (causing salvation) Ketu in 5th house, if utilized properly, gives a philosophical approach which helps to enlighten and elevate the mind towards divinity.
Influence of the above planets on 5th house also cause more or less same qualities on 1st child.
Jupiter is treated as Putra Karaka (significator for progeny). We should also examine the position of Jupiter in the chart to know about the children.
With regard to qualities as Mantra sthana, the planet positioned in 5th house prompts the individual to develop devotion towards a particular form of God/Goddess. The following are some of the combinations.
Sun – Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu. Sun is also directly worshipped as God in Hindu system. (Also Lord Rama in Dasavataram)
Moon – Goddess Durga and her different forms. (Also Lord Krishna in Dasavataram)
Mars – Lord Subramanya (Kaarthikeya, Younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi). (Also Lord Narasimha in Dasavataram)
Mercury – Lord Vishnu or other forms of Vishnu like Krishna, Venkateswara etc. (Also Lord Trivikrama in Dasavataram)
Jupiter – Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Dattatreya, Saibaba. (Also Lord Vamana in Dasavataram)
Venus – Goddess Lakshmi (Also Lord Parasurama in Dasavataram)
Saturn – Lord Shiva (Also Kurmavatar in Dasavataram)
Rahu – Goddess Durga and different forms. (Also Varahavataram in Dasavataram)
Ketu – Lord Ganesh. (Also Meenavataram in Dasavataram)
It is also under practice to worship Rahu and Ketu in the form of Serpent.

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