Sixth house mainly indicates diseases. It also indicates loans, divorce, split in marriage, marital disharmony, enemies, conflicts (wars in olden days), service (only rendering service under an employer and not business or profession. Nowadays we can consider any job drawing salary from the employer under this category) and competitive examinations.
In fact, with regard to diseases, medical astrology has already developed as a separate field and tons of literature is available in the market on medical astrology. It is not possible to discuss entire medical astrology subject here, but some tips are given on diseases.
Before going into the zodiac signs and planets, let us see the constellations and the diseases they cover. This classification is a rough and approximate classification and may slightly differ with other texts.
Aswini – Injuries to Head and brain, epilepsy, migraine, coma, trance, hemorrhages in head, insomnia, and meningitis.
Bharani – Injuries to forehead, eye problems venereal diseases.
Krittika – Fevers, wounds, burns, cuts, explosions, tumors, accidents and eye problems.
Rohini – Cold, cough, sore throat, breast problems, and gyneacological problems.
Mrigasira – Injuries, boils, cuts, burns, wounds, fractures, bone problems.
Arudra – Throat problems, mumps, cold and cough, asthma, ear problems.
Punarvasu – Cold and cough, asthma, bronchitis, goiter, thyroid problems, obesity, fats, Jaundice, liver problems.
Pushyami – Skin problems like eczema, leucoderma, chronic diseases like TB, cancer, lungs, chest related problems.
Aslesha – Poisonous effects, nervous problems, Chest problems, intoxications, alcohol related problems.
Makha – Heart problems, poisonous effects, Palpitations etc.
Pubba – Valves of heart, hypertension, heart attacks.
Uttara – High fever, blood pressure, heart surgeries etc.
Hastha – Gastric troubles, insulin deficiency, diabetes, breathing disorders, blood related disorders, hysteria, illusions, psychiatric problems.
Chitta – Ulcers, intestinal cancers, cuts, surgeries.
Swathi – Disorders in reproductive organs, uterus, leprosy, gastric problems, excess vomiting, poisonous effects.
Visakha – Diabetes, insulin deficiency, liver problems, kidney problems.
Anuradha – Constipation, piles, excess bleeding, menstrual problems etc.
Jyeshta – Irritable bowel syndrome, neurological problems, Lower back pain etc.
Moola – Arthritis, Rheumatism, etc.
Poorvashada – Diabetes, venereal diseases, gout etc.
Uttarashada – Sciatica, Joint problems, rigidity of joints etc.
Sravana – TB, blood related problems, filaria etc.
Dhanishta – Fractures or surgeries to legs.
Satabhisha – Cancers, fractures, amputations, etc.
Poorvabhadra – Liver problems, excess fats, obesity, pain in ankles etc.
Uttarabhadra – Cramps in legs, skin problems, deformity in legs such as polio.
Revathi – Neurological problems, problems in feet like gout etc.
Zodiac signs indicate the body parts as follows.
Aeries (Mesha) – Head, Forehead, Brain, Skull and face.
Taurus (Vrishabha) – Eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and neck.
Gemini (Mithuna) – Throat, hands and shoulders lungs and breath.
Cancer (Karkataka) – Chest and breast.
Leo (Simha) – Heart, spine and back
Virgo (Kanya) – Pancreas, umbilical region, intestines, liver and nervous system (role of mercury on nervous system)
Libra (Thula) – Abdomen, lumbar regions, kidneys and uterus.
Scorpio (Vrischika) – Generative organs and pelvic areas
Sagittarius (Dhanus) – Thighs and hips.
Capricorn (Makara) – Knees and joints
Aquarius (Kumbha) – Legs and ankles
Pisces (Meena) – Feet
If the above signs happen to be 6th bhava/house from the ascendant, the possibilities of catching respective diseases are more. If one wants to master medical astrology, one has to understand that each degree in the zodiac from 0 to 360 indicates separate organs in our body and related diseases. Sruthi astrology is not taking up this assignment now to elaborate medical astrology and this article is only to say how amateur astrologers should develop approach towards identifying diseases by observing a horoscope.
The planets also indicate diseases as follows.
Sun – Heart, eyes, blood, head, various fevers like typhoid, influenza etc.
Moon – Mind, eyes, lungs, chest, breast, water in body, blood flow and several other problems related to females.
Mars – Bones, Marrow, thyroid etc
Mercury – Entire nervous system, brain problems like epilepsy, other neurological problems, stammering etc
Jupiter – Liver, thighs, fats, obesity, Nose etc
Venus – Pancreas, generative organs, diabetes, several problems relating to females and sexually transmitted diseases.
Saturn – Entire skin, bones, joints, teeth, legs, old age etc
Rahu – All types of cancers, psychiatric disorders and all diseases relating to those planets, wherever in conjunction with those planets.
Ketu – All problems related to internal organs which do not show signs for ready diagnosis.
As a broad classification, if any of the above combinations are connected to 6th house, we can presume that the individual is likely to suffer from the said disease during the period of the planet concerned.
To make it easy to understand, the following combinations may be considered.
1. The first priority is to be given to a planet positioned in the constellation of any planet positioned in 6th house.
2. If the above combination is not found, then the planet positioned in 6th house will take the responsibility of giving disease.
3. If there is no planet in the 6th house, the third priority is any planet positioned in the constellation of lord of 6th house.
4. If the above three combinations are not found, the lord of 6th house will directly give the effect.
5. Any planet in conjunction or in trines with the above planets.
6. Any planet aspected by the above planets.
7. If Rahu or Ketu or connected with the above planets in any manner, they can also give diseases during their periods.
Mostly, the planets which are supposed to give results will give the results during their Mahadasa or antardasa as per Vimsottari dasa system.
There may be some differences in different texts with regard to above classifications.
After diseases, the following are some of other combinations relating to 6th house.
If the lord of 2nd house (finance) or any planet positioned in 2nd house is strongly related to 6th house, the individual goes for loans. If the lord of 2nd house or the planet positioned therein is afflicted badly, the individual may go bankrupt and unable to repay the loans.
If Sun or Mars are positioned in 6th house or related to 6th house, such individuals have ample of chances of winning battles. This can be attributed only to persons working in defense sector. However, nowadays, persons with this combination will be able to come out in competitive examinations on merit. If they are job holders, they will be in a position to convince their bosses and subordinates as well and earn name and fame in their respective sectors. Jupiter in 6th house generally indicates that such person will have no enemies. Position of Mercury in 6th sometimes indicates conflict with business partners. Those who are involved in business with their natal Mercury in 6th house should take cautions in this sector. Venus in 6th house in many cases cause marital disharmony and it may lead to divorce or it may also lead to dissatisfaction in marital life due to prolonged illness to life partner. Position of Moon in 6th causes mental disharmony. Position of Saturn in 6th may cause chronic diseases. Rahu or Ketu in 6th house mostly give the results of the lord of that particular house.
Not only position of the above planets and even any link by way of aspect etc with 6th house may also cause more or less the same results.
However, there are certain exceptions to the above negative results and if the houses happen to be exalted or moolatrikona or own house, the planets may give moderate rajayoga during their period. This yoga is called Harsha yoga.

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