Eighth bhava gives information about longevity, which was discussed in earlier article. Apart from longevity, eighth house indicates suddenness. Things which happen all of a sudden without any notice may be seen from eighth house. Among these things, there are positive things like wealth through lottery, inheritance, speculation of shares, Insurance etc are important. Negative aspects like sudden death, injuries through accidents, death through accidents, surgeries can also be predicted through 8th house. It also represents mysteries, occult matters, tantric fields, hidden treasures, sorcery, psychic disorders, diseases difficult to diagnose etc.
In respect of women, 8th house is 2nd from 7th house. When 7th house indicates life partner, 8th house indicates death of life partner. In other words, it indicates widowhood. This principle can equally be applied in men’s horoscope also.
The above results are derived during the periods of planets positioned in 8th house. If no planet is positioned, the results can be experienced during the period of lord of 8th house. If any planet is positioned in 8th house and the said house being exalted, Moolatrikona, own house or friendly sign, the said planet gives good results and at the end of its period, it gives negative results. If the planet is positioned in inimical house, debilitation etc, it gives mostly bad results.
Even though 8th house is treated as bad house, an exception is given in one aspect. If the lord of 8th house is positioned in the same house, it is called Sarala yoga. If 6th and 12th lords are placed in 8th house, it is called Harsha and Vimala yogas respectively and they are said to give good results.
Though the above conclusions can be accepted in general, astrologers should be careful while giving predictions and each case should be studied in a separate perspective.
We have to take into consideration the following points also into consideration.
For Aeries and Libra ascendants, lord of 8th house is the same as lord of ascendant. For Gemini, 8th lord is Saturn who is a friend to Mercury. For Leo, 8th lord is Jupiter who is a friend. For Sagittarius ascendants, 8th lord Moon is a friend. For Aquarius ascendants, 8th lord is Mercury who is a friend. In case of other ascendants, 8th lord would be enemy. Rahu and Ketu give results basing on the lord of the house and other planets who are in conjunction with them.
Hence, these points are to be kept in mind while giving good or bad results with regard to 8th house for each ascendant.

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