Ninth house is called Pitru sthana (father), Bhagya sthana (prosperity and inherited properties), Dharma sthana (righteousness) and Poorva punya sthana (previous birth). Besides these important things, distant travels, foreign tours, higher education (graduation and above), retirement, resignation, loosing job etc (because 12th from 10th house, which indicates occupation), mother’s illness (6th from 4th house), 1st wife’s longevity (3rd from 7th house), 3rd wife (in cases of polygamy only), third child etc, can also be known from 9th house.
If the horoscope of father is not made available, we can fix the 9th house in the child’s horoscope as the hypothetical ascendant of father and read the planetary position and give predictions about father.
In western astrology, 10th house is treated as hypothetical ascendant of father. The reason behind this analogy is very simple. When 4th house is treated as ascendant of mother, 7th from 4th is tenth house, which indicates father. But for all practical purposes in vedic astrology, 9th house is treated as father’s ascendant, which is giving the best results with regard to father.
Ninth house also indicates poorva punya or poorva janma sthana. Ninth house, in fact, gives information about the life style of the individual in his previous birth. Though this aspect is not examined in ordinary perspective, in some special cases, where the individual displays extraordinary qualities, if we examine 9th house, the reason for his extraordinary qualities can be understood. These qualities either may be positive or negative also. We can take the ninth house as hypothetical ascendant and read the planetary combinations with reference to Vimshottari dasa to know the things, happened in previous birth. In case, the individuals are suffering from any problems, by going through these combinations, we can suggest the individuals to take up steps for rectification of defects of previous birth and try to solve the problems facing in present life.
Among all planets, Jupiter is the most natural benefic planet. If Jupiter is placed in 9th house or influencing the house in any manner, the individual will be able to reap the benefits of his previous birth to full extent in the present birth. If Sun is placed in 9th house, generally, we tend to apply the principle of “Karako bhava naasaya” because the Karaka (significator) of 9th house is Sun. It need not necessarily give bad results in all cases and the zodiac sign in which the Sun is positioned should be seen carefully. Benefic planets like Mercury, Venus and Full Moon give moderate to good results in 9th house.
Position of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu give somewhat bad results in 9th house. We have to remember that if the horoscope is of an infant, Rahu’s position in 9th house causes ‘balarishtam’ and should be studied carefully as it may affect the longevity of the child.
During the periods of planets positioned or influencing the 9th house, the individual completes higher education; get opportunities to visit foreign countries on account of higher education or to get jobs. Individuals may prefer pleasure trips to distant places or foreign countries also during the period. If the Jupiter is influencing 9th house, the individual may take up pilgrimage to holy places.
Those who are involved in jobs, where age limit is prescribed, may expect retirement during the period of planets influencing 9th house. If the planets influencing 10th house are more powerful, in such cases, even after retirement, the individuals can get employment at some other places also or by a special order, they may continue in the same line of job on some other terms and conditions, such as outsourcing etc. If 9th house is powerfully influenced by malefic planets, the individual may face disciplinary proceedings, suspension or dismissal from service in the form of punishments.
We should also consider that development of finance and properties, are related to 9th house. If the lord of 9th house or any planet positioned in 9th house develops positive connection with 2nd house, he will be able to develop his earning and through his earnings he will be able to acquire properties. If 11th house (labha sthana or fulfillment) is also connected with these houses, the development will take place in these sectors in record time and also it will be abundant.
The other aspects mentioned in 1st paragraph can also be studied from 9th house during the respective planetary periods.

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