Twelfth house is called Vyaya bhava, which means expenditure. 12th house also displays losses, hospitals, monasteries, ashrams, long journeys, foreign visits, pilgrimage, prisons, solitude, loneliness, decay of body due to chronic diseases, sexual pleasures, imprisonment, charity, Moksha (salvation).
Twelfth bhava displays the above features basing on the mind-set of the individual and also his line of profession. If the mind of the individual is of noble nature, he may spend his money for charities and he thinks about welfare of the society. It gives opportunity to visit holy places. Sages utilize the features of 12th house to enlighten their souls in solitude, and through knowledge and devotion, promote welfare of the society. Ultimately, it helps to achieve Moksha (salvation).
If 12th house is strongly connected to 10th house, i.e. profession, they may work in prisons departments, lonely places, hospitals, burial grounds etc. They may also be posted to distant places, where they may be forced to stay away from family. Negative effects of 12th house produce criminals, who have to spend their lives in prisons.
If we carefully plan and try to reap the advantages of 12th house, we can move a step forward towards Moksha (holy salvation).

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  1. Raghu Kumar says:


    At times we consider to believe these and some times not to. Why this happens?

    Further as the GOD is ultimate supremo, then why to believe all these? If we pray to GOD, will it not supersede all disadvantages?

    Can you explain in detail please.


    M Raghu Kumar n family.

    • admin says:

      Dear Sir, Thanks for comment. Infact the answer is in your question. Sometimes believing and sometimes not believing is nothing but waivering of our mind. We know that the God is Supreme, but why we are not able to trust it always. When we tend to believe that the God is ultimate and keep trust on him, really there is no need to look into astrology. We will be upgraded to phylosophy and then ultimately reach salvation. Our ancient sages achieved this feat and explained in various methods through Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and other texts. Good luck.

  2. Vidya says:


    What happens , if 5 planets ( Guru, Sukra, Sani, Mercury,and Chandra) are positioned in 12th house for a Tula Lagna Ascendant? Can u Pls Explain?

  3. vipul says:

    what about mangal buddha in 12th and jupiter in 9th house for dhanu ascendent and chandra in 6th house

    • admin says:

      Dear Vipul, For Dhanu ascendant, Jupiter is lord of ascendant, Mangal and Moon are friends and Mercury as a lord of 7th and 10th is terribly malefic. As lord of ascendant, Jupiter’s position in 9th i.e. in Leo and also aspecting his own ascendant is very good. Mangal as a lord of 12th house positioned in 12th house (Scorpio), which is his own house is also good. This is moderate rajayoga. Moon as a lord of 8th house positioned in 6th and also exalted in Taurus, is also good. Further Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are placed in angular houses to Moon. In General, all these combinations should bring the individual a good fortune and during these periods, his life should flourish, provided no other malefic combination occur like aspect of Saturn or Rahu etc. Mercury period also give certain good results, like foreign tours etc but also causes health problems, unnecessary expenditure, problems in profession etc. All these things have to be correlated with reference to the age of the individual. Since the individual is born in Taurus moon sign, his birth star might be either krittika or rohini or mrigasira and Mercury Dasha will come at a very later stage may be at the age of 50 plus and it may also cause death. However, we should not come to conclusions in haste until the horoscope is examined in different angles. Good luck. Sruthi Astrology.

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