When to Buy a House or Car – Know from 4th house

Fourth house from the ascendant in the horoscope tells us about several things among which priority is given to mother. The fourth house from the ascendant is the hypothetical ascendant of mother of the individual. If mother’s horoscope of the individual is not available, facts about mother can be known from the fourth house to certain extent.
Fourth house also gives information about primary education (below graduation), purchase of immovable properties like house, lands, etc, physical comforts and purchase of vehicles.
If fourth house is influenced by benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or full Moon either by position or aspect, the individual’s relation with mother will be good. His primary education goes off smoothly. His life flourishes from childhood in the above sectors. Venus, if positioned in fourth house gives directional strength (digbalam) and also gives good results during its period.
We can know certain facts about the mother of the individual by watching the Moon Matrukaraka (significator) besides watching 4th house.
If Saturn is placed in fourth house (not being exalted or moolatrikona), primary education may get delayed. In such combination, the individual may own vehicles driven physically like cycle, bullock cart etc. It may take much time to secure motorized vehicles in such combination. If Saturn is powerful in 4th house, the individual may involve in mining activities. If Mars is positioned, he may own lands and involve in agricultural activities. If fourth house happens to be Taurus, there will be more possibilities for agricultural activities. If Sun is powerfully placed in 4th house, the Government provides vehicles and accommodation by virtue of his employment in Government sector. If the native of the horoscope happens to be a private sector employee, his boss will provide him with vehicles to discharge his duties along with good accommodation on behalf of the company. Position of Rahu with malefic combination in fourth house (debilitation or inimical signs etc) may sometimes drives the individual away from own house or home land. It becomes difficult to him to secure immovable properties. Even, if properties are owned, he will be forced to go away and reside in a rented house on some or other reasons. His primary education may affect. In a few cases, mother of the child born with Rahu in 4th house may give away the child for adoption to some other family or abandon the child. If Rahu is exalted in 4th house, the child may be sent to distant places or foreign countries for education.
With regard to acquisition of vehicles, house, immovable properties, the same occurs during the planetary period influencing the fourth house. This means, during the planetary period positioned in fourth house or aspecting fourth house or the lord of the fourth house. Acquisition of vehicles is also possible during the period of Venus who is Vahana karaka (significator of vehicles).
With regard to zodiac signs, if fourth house happens to be four legged sign (Aeries, Taurus, Leo), the individual can acquire a four-wheeler during the period of planet influencing the said houses or during the planetary periods of the lords of those houses.
In another angle, fourth house is second house from third house and it sometimes indicates death of immediate younger brother or sister.

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